FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How long in advance do I need to book?

You are welcome to book the same day in the morning or at least two hours in advance to the desired start of your session. Please keep in mind that the longer you stall with your booking, the smaller is the chance that your preferred masseuse therapist will be available. It is also possible to make you booking even earlier than the morning of the day.


Can I just come in and choose from whoever is free?

Yes, you can, but we cannot guarantee you there will be a wide selection of masseuses each time or that your usual masseuse is free to serve you. We strongly recommend you to contact us beforehand in order to make your session the best possible, which is better done with proper preparation.


What happens if I book nuru massage?

You can prepare yourself to have your senses pleasantly assaulted with a plethora of sensual touches. Just lay back and enjoy the sensation. Read more information about nuru massage .


Will the masseuse be naked?

If you desire and require so, the massage therapist will be nude for your full enjoyment of your massage. We are here to make you happy and relaxed.


Can I take a shower before and after session?

Our flats are provided with shower facilities and clean towels. You can have a shower whenever you feel like having one. You are free to bring your own toiletries as well, if you prefer.


Is your facility cleaned after each customer?

Our flats are provided with showers, clean towels, sheets and any necessary equipment to maintain our strict hygienic standards. All the facility is regularly cleaned and no harm is presented. We care about safety of both our customers and massage therapists.


What is the shortest time I can make a booking for?

The shortest time you can book for is 30 minutes, but for the best service, indulgence and relaxation we recommend having your sessions unrushed, so do not hesitate to make your appointments longer.


What is the longest period of time I can book?

The longest time period of time you can make a booking for is unlimited. We understand the importance of unwinding and relaxing after a hard day, and equally so the indulgence in pleasure that our beautiful massage therapists will provide you, so you can gain the best of all in a calm environment without rush. It is advisable that for very long appointments you make a booking in advance.


Can I book for the whole night?

Yes, you can book for the whole night. It is vital to relax and let yourself be pampered after a stressful day and what can be better than having a person to ensure you are relaxing and being pampered the whole night?


Can I get two or more masseuses at one session?

You and your satisfaction with our services is at utmost importance for us, and if you desire to be pampered by two or more masseuses at one session, we will make appropriate arrangements for that to become reality.


Can one or two girls have me and my mate together at one session?

As you might be nervous during your first session or you just enjoy being social during relaxing massages, you can have a session along with your friend, and our masseuse(s). For the best experience kindly make a booking in advance.


Do I get discount if I am a long time customer or a group discount if I book a lot of appointments for me and my friends?

We provide our services at high standard and always strive to satisfy our customers, that is why as our long-term customer or a customer with multiple bookings you are eligible to enter our loyalty scheme. For more information, send us an email.


I called but why is nobody picking up my call?

Unfortunately, our receptionists might sometimes be busy so your call is put on hold, but be assured once she is free, she will call you right away.


Are the photos real and recent?

Yes, all photos published on our websites are professionally shot for us and always kept up-to-date to ensure our customers know what they choose and have.


Why is it so expensive?

We provide superb unforgettable service, which is worth every penny you spend. That also includes fair wages to our employees and their continual training.


What if I get allergic reaction to nuru gel or other massage gels?

Our high quality nuru massage gel is hypoallergenic and all of our massage gels are of excellent origin and they are safe and suitable for sensitive skin. If you are in doubt we will be happy to provide you with a smear test on a small area of your skin.


Where does it take place?

We have numerous private flats across London – mainly the most popular areas in Central London, with shower facilities and clean towels. Exact locations and addresses will be provided upon your booking.


Do you do in-call or out-call?

We offer both in-call and out-call. In-calls are available at various locations throughout London, though they are mainly in the most popular locations in Central London. Your sessions with our lovely masseuses will take place in private flats that are ensured to be clean, safe, and confidential. If you choose to have advantages of out-call instead, you won’t be paying extra for transport, if you will be in Central London. However if you live further, you might be asked to contribute by 20-50 GBP.


Can I get addicted?

We are afraid our excellent services with outstanding performance or our stunning massage therapists are definitely very addictive, but fear no more, it is good for you, your body, and your mind.