Our Nuru Massage Services

Nuru - One of our specialities

Nuru is a kind of massage treatment that started in Japan. It’s an erotic massage that makes use of full body contact to provoke sexual enthusiasm and to ease the body. This is performed by our high-class, sexy masseuses using an extremely slippery nuru massage gel, covering your body and hers to create a stimulating atmosphere between the both of you.

What is Nuru Massage?

If you’re open to trying new, exciting things that enhance both your body and mind, check out and see what we can offer. Nuru massage is a type of massage ideal for those without hesitations and are ready to let go of anything that hinders them from obtaining sexual satisfaction. Once you start feeling confident and at ease with your own skin regardless of the size of your body, you are able to reach a high level of sexual pleasure through the fascinating variants of this certain massage treatment.

The Meaning of Nuru

Nuru is a Japanese term, which means “slippery”. It makes use of a gel that happens to be a great lubricant for erotic and sensual massage, enabling you to enjoy each other’s touch as you and one of our beautiful, sexy masseuses rub one another with plenty of body contact. Yume Nuru Massage practices creative techniques so as to bring a high level of arousal for our clients. We open that barred intimate sensation lying within you, and the methods that we use complement your bodies and connect you together in comfortable and overindulging ways naturally. Our massage treatment provides a harmonious balance in body and mind and at the same time offers great intimacy between you and our masseuse.

Our massage service will soothe and hydrate your skin as well as exfoliate your mind, so you can release your passion. It will increase your libido and unify your body and mind. Our massage treatment helps deepen intimacy and improve sexual relationship. It actually helps you let go of your depressing intimacy issue because it allows you and our alluring masseuse to connect in truly meaningful, seductive ways. The secret here is to focus on her responses while she gives you this kind of massage treatment. Nuru massage has been used for many decades because it gives a person an enhanced emotional experience, not to mention the intimate relationship that was created.

Nuru Massage Gel

We make use of a professional-grade nuru massage gel that allows you and one of our girls to move with ease throughout your body-to-body contact, giving more sensation and showing the way to untainted and pure carnal pleasure along with absolute relaxation. Our massage therapist will pour a nuru gel before the massage begins. She will then slip her hands along your body to take away the pains and aches in the deep muscle tissue. This is performed around the body until your muscles become velvety smooth and flexible, worry-free and awakened by her sensual touch. This kind of experience is excessively in and of itself. Our sensual, systematic process enables you to gain more self-confidence and feel good about yourself. Our highly skilled masseuse will make sure that you are completely relaxed and deeply roused, wallowing in the feelings you’ve incited for each other. Our nuru massage treatment is unrivalled and helps you relieve stress and anxiety. We don’t use specific techniques to do this, but all our talented, gorgeous masseuses are imaginative and competent enough to help you completely enjoy in the sensation that this kind of massage brings.

Body to Body

Another service we provide is the body to body massage that brings a Tantric massage to a more profound level as one of our beautiful masseuses uses the smoothness of her naked, slippery body to skilfully enliven your senses. She will slide all over your body in a rhythmic, gradual manner while her soft hands play with you to allow you to release the moment you’re close to the point of climax. The beauty, skills, and playfulness of our massage therapists will intoxicate your senses, and almost drive you to the peak numerous times, until you finally reach heaven on Earth. Our body to body massage is an incomparable, and be very pleasurable experience, that will make you want to return for more.


All our hot, sexy masseuses are highly skilled when it comes to performing tantric massage. This form of massage treatment utilizes sexual energy to reach a high level of awareness. Our masseuses make use of specific touches like gently running their fingertips along your body to stimulate an inactive energy field within it. Our masseuses are very qualified to perform tantric massage and will make you experience the full benefits of this prehistoric healing art. Their magic hands will lead your body and mind to complete bliss, so you will be further on your way to healthier, happier, and mindful life. We promise tantric massages with our masseuses become a memorable pleasure you will love.


One of the best things about sensual massage is that it can help you relax and ease muscle tension all over your body. Our gorgeous masseuses are fully trained to work with your muscles to reduce stress. Our girls are experts when it comes to making you completely rested and revitalised the moment you step your foot through our door. We provide an authentic sensual massage that is surely a pleasurable treat even for the most discriminating men.